Thursday, June 9, 2011

That love story

You know the one? That epic love story which never got an ending, just thoughts of what might could have been if only it had a chance.♥ ©

Lately I've been musing over a certain something that happened a few months ago. I keep thinking of what happened, and what might have been. I think we all have that kind of love story that somehow had a beginning, but never got the chance to end. It just.. stopped, as if 2 people didn't share something at all. And that's just sad because you end up with thoughts of "what if."

What if we got together, would we have been happy? Would we survive the long distance? Would our differences matter? Or would love conquer it all and make it worth it?

aaahhh, love. ♥


  1. good luck to you, been in a similar situation before. its kinda tough but im sure things will work out just fine for you in time :)