Tuesday, July 31, 2012

all dressed up and lady-like

Totally forgot about these photos until I opened my iphoto to search for a good profile picture. Lol. These photos were taken by my cousin, Tamita, who already left for Manila about 2 weeks ago. She stayed here for about 5 months to do her internship at Crimson Resort. It's too bad.. no one will be taking my pictures anymore! Have to find someone else. Haha.

Got this lovely peplum top on sale at Zara. I've been looking for a nice peplum top for a while now and I was happy to have found this, although I would have wanted any other color except white. I feel like most of the tops I own are in white. Don't they make other colors anymore?! I try to avoid buying white but when the only choices are black or white, I have to go with white. Being Chinese and all, my parents follow the rule of not being able to wear black. Except for bottoms and shoes though, I can't wear black tops and dresses. Sigh. 

Pardon the face, this was taken before I went to work. Usually at that time of the day, I'm not in my best mood to smile. :))


  1. hey, do you use washing machine to wash your clothes or handwash? and do you wash your own clothes?

    1. wow you wash all your clothes by yourself?