Friday, July 27, 2012

just a state of mind

Day 3 of my birthday celebration extravaganza, and I was already feeling really sick. The weather also had something to do with the way I felt that day. Sheryl mentioned to me that I always get sick on my birthday. I'm not sure if EVERY birthday, I get sick. But there were a few times when I did get sick. Hmm, what does that mean??

We had dinner at Army Navy and headed to the distillery afterwards. 

Bag-Michael Kors

I've noticed that there seem to be more and more people bringing Michael Kors bags around town. Seems to be the IT bag right now!

Top-F21 | Skirt-Sabrina | Belt-Topshop

I love this peplum skirt that my friend, Bern, gave me!! She shipped it over from Manila and it arrived exactly on my birthday!! :D I've been wanting to have anything peplum and I'm glad I have this, plus the color is so great!

I feel like a Korean in my outfit.

The gang, although incomplete!

never got to taste this because i ended up being super full that i couldn't even finish my burger!