Sunday, August 21, 2011

thunder only happens when it's raining

Today was probably the WORST rain day ever, in the whole year? It felt almost like 'Ondoy'. Almost. :)

The afternoon started with lots and lots of non-stop thunder and heavy rains. The sky was so dark that when we went out of the house, the windows fogged up pretty quickly. Then, there was the flood. The whole area surrounding SM Cebu was super flooded, and the water was muddy and reached up to the sidewalks! Amazing. Good thing our car was huge, or else we would have been stranded. 

After strolling around the mall, the water still hadn't subsided and the rain went on until evening. Boo. The power even went out for I guess 5 hours? 

Top-H&M | Skirt-H&M | Shoes-Zara

Peacock ring-Mia Casa

Anyhow, I wore fake eyelashes today and minimal makeup, and I liked the effect the lashes gave me. It made me look so made-up without even trying too hard. :)

We had dinner at Tinder Box. It was my 2nd time to go there, although the restaurant is fairly old. I guess we never really got the chance to go there. But let me tell you, the food is delicious!! Although we had to wait about almost and hour and 30 mins for the food, I guess it was worth it. Didn't get to take pictures though as I was really really hungry!

Cool chandelier made of bottles!

with family friends

This is the coolest! You put your drink there, and the ice makes it cold w/o letting the water mix into your drink!

Super amazed by this
Hope you guys had a great weekend! ;)


  1. very sweet outfit! im loving the skirt and peacock ring :)