Saturday, February 5, 2011

it's been a while

It has definitely been a while since I had an outfit post. 5 months, more or less? haha :) It was really hard for me to continue posting while I was in Beijing because: 
1. I didn't have the time
2. I ended up forgetting to take pictures
3. The weather was so cold that dressing up was not a priority

Over there, I tried to be as fashionable as I possibly could without sacrificing warmth and comfort. I actually had some pretty great outfits put together during our many clubbing night outs but as usual, I forgot to take pictures!

Top-Topshop; Pants-Zara; Shoes-H&M; Accessories-F21

Still wearing the black pin since my grandpa just died last December, I'll probably be wearing it for a year. Happy New Year loves :)

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