Friday, February 25, 2011


she gets on the subway and begrudgingly stands up for the duration of the time. crowded and caught at rush hour, she didn't have a choice. she shouldn't have gone shopping today, she thought to herself. she was probably carrying 5 paper bags full of clothes.

she gets home to see her housemates already doing chores, washing the dishes and cleaning up. she smiles. she loves it when everyone works together to keep the apartment clean and sparkly.

she goes in her shared room and drops all the bags on the floor, plopping herself straight down on the bed. her roommate rummages through her buys, making sounds of approval and reminds her of their plans for later. she thinks twice about going out. should she? she was tired and she didn't feel like going out.

not knowing how long she lay there, listening to the music, she looked up and saw her other companions getting dressed and ready for a perfect night out. she gets up and walks around, takes a look at what the others are wearing or doing. and then she receives a text.

"see you later! you have to come! free entrance!"

she smiles and heads to her closet. the night is still young after all.

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