Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bright lights, Big City

Have you ever felt like there were just certain moments in your life where everything fell in to place? Where everything seemed to magically go your way, as if all the signal lights were on GO?

Choosing the right outfit for a night out is always a problem for us girls. We always consider so many factors! 
1. What's the weather going to be like?
2. Who will be there?
3. Where will we be going?
4. What is my mood like?
5. Who do I want to impress?

But ultimately you just have to follow your gut. I was torn between 2 very different outfits for this day, a top and skirt combo or this dress. I could not decide until the very last minute and it took a little prodding for me to realize which one I really wanted to wear. 

I find that dresses with a racerback detail make one look more sexy and feel sexier as well! You don't have to be model thin or have small arms to rock this look because I feel like it flatters you in all the right areas. Your shoulders instantly look slimmer and it feels like your bones are popping out. Or is it just me? Haha.

You can never duplicate a great moment. They were meant to come only once in a while. :)

Dress - Apartment 8 Clothing
Shoes - Gold Dot
Bag - Aldo

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