Friday, July 12, 2013

Like ships in the night

map of the island
We were at an island called Sumilon about 3 weeks ago, which is located in the South of Cebu (if I'm not mistaken) - which is pretty near the whale shark sighting area (Oslob). I had relatives from the States who visited for 3 weeks so we were all pretty busy going places and doing other cousin bonding activities. Which explains the lack of posts, which I know is also not an excuse. Haha.  

wish we could make smores!!

The island itself is pretty deserted, it has only about 10 rooms and there's not much else to do except swim in the pool. They have a hike trail but when we started walking, it seemed really dangerous and we didn't even bring our walking shoes with us, only slippers. Since we weren't the adventurous type, we opted not to do the trail (also for our own safety!!). I really wanted to go to the light house but the only way to get there seemed to be through the hike trail so.. yeah.. that didn't happen.

So apparently, my summer didn't end in May. :)

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