Sunday, August 12, 2012

not your ordinary

Not your ordinary black and white combo, I should say. :) I've been itching to wear these pants ever since I bought them and was trying my best to restrain myself from wearing it out too soon. I guess it got the best of me because I was only able to restrain myself for about 2 weeks. Haha.

I really love these pants that I got from Mango. I normally don't wear printed pants, at all! During the time when floral and animal printed bottoms were so in, I didn't even think to join the bandwagon. Maybe I don't jump on trends right away or it just takes me a little while to reach the point where I'm willing to try a trend, but whatever it is, I think it pays to wait and be different from the rest. 

This is totally the 3RD time wherein my friends and I are wearing the same color schemes. It's cool and funny too because we just show up at school and get pleasantly surprised at the outfit choices we make. This has never happened before with my high school and college friends though! I don't know what it is with these girls. I guess we just really click. :) 

This weekend is a crazy one full of non-stop eating and family! 

Happy weekend guys! :)

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