Saturday, December 10, 2011

high school never ends :)

We had our high school christmas party last night and coincidentally, it was also one of our friend's birthday. Yehey, double celebration! ;)

Traffic had been so crazy that day and I really needed a good time so I was glad we had our party that night. 

Polo - Forever21 | Shorts - H&M | Shoes - Posh Pocket

Necklace and Ring - Forever21 

Bag - H&M

Food was potluck and I'm glad we had a lot of variety this year. Every year I always plan the party (because no one else wants to take responsibility for it :p) but last year since I was in Beijing, I left the party planning in their hands. And boy, from what I heard, the party last year was a disaster. Hahaha. Let's just say everyone got to eat chicken... cooked differently. 

Love the food selection this year!!

We played charades and a game that they just invented, but it was a really fun night! I love my friends. I love the holidays! :)

Happy weekend everyone :)

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