Friday, November 18, 2011

FOREVER21 opens in Cebu!

I can't believe F21 is finally in Cebu! I was so happy to have been able to attend the event and to be one of the few to get my hands on the goodies! ;)

The food was good, the fashion show made me want to buy a loooot of clothes, and the best part? P1,000 GC from a friend of mine!!!! :D 

we arrived 4:30. excited much? haha

ours is really huge!!

sheryl and erica

Top-from Singapore | Skirt-Forever21 | Pumps-Aldo | Necklace-Pull & Bear | Bracelet-F21

she's so cute!

i like this!

i adore this dress! but i never saw it on the racks :(

Very chic collection, I must say! There were a lot of people shopping like crazy that night, myself included! haha ;)


  1. Now i finally have a reason not to back out on our cebu trip! :) ITS HUGE pala.1 galing!!! <3


  2. yes! definitely one great reason to come :)