Wednesday, May 18, 2011


May 10, 2011

Watched Justin Bieber's My World 2.0 concert in Manila at the MOA Concert grounds. People wearing purple were already at the venue since 3 in the afternoon just to get a glimpse of Justin!

I am not a huge belieber, but my sister is totally in LOVE with him and she really wanted a chance to get a meet and greet. Too bad we didn't get the opportunity :(

There were reportedly 50,000 people who attended the concert. The place was packed and we were all standing on top of our chairs the whole time since no one wanted to sit down!! We got the Gold-A tickets since we thought it would be near enough. Next time, we're going straight for the VIP!

I may have not been a huge Bieber fan before I went to the concert, but he was good! And somehow I'm beginning to like him more :) There was this moment, before he sang with his guitar, where he looked at the huge crowd. Scanned every single face as far as his eyes could see, and I saw the expression on his face - full of love and amazement at his fans and at the outcome of his concert. I believe that he knows just how lucky he really is, and I hope he continues to do good for the world :)

*The opening act - Poreotics - were really really good dancers! I had so much fun watching them :) Justin's back up singers were really good too, and they were all Filipino!

countdown to bieber

Justin as a child. so cute! 

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