Tuesday, September 14, 2010

beijing diaries: day 5

so far, we've been going out everyday and visiting malls every single day. we've already been to The Village, Raffles City, Joy City (which is apparently the biggest mall in Xi Dan area) and the other malls surrounding our dorm. we've been walking and walking and taking the subway that my toes are already numb from walking. imagine that! :)) but it's been a really great experience so far. i am excited to start classes already to learn. honest. i want to learn. because i feel so dumb here, not understanding what the chinese people say. but i also feel happy and proud that at least i know even the simplest of chinese words and phrases. :)

i did take pictures of the places i've been to but i haven't uploaded them and i don' think i can post them because my laptop can't access social networking sites because it's MAC. but hopefully, i can show you guys some pics soon!

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