Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hollywood is where I belong

Went to Los Angeles for a vacation last March 27.

When we arrived there, we went straight to Las Vegas the next day. We stayed at The Palazzo (suite) for 2 days. That was the life!
And, I also got to eat at one of Emeril Lagassi's restaurants - Table 10. The food was SUPERB!!

When we got back from Vegas, we went to Universal Studios. I got to see the set of Desperate Housewives! It was sooooo cool!

Plus, I got to experience riding the metro on the way home. The food was great, the weather was cold, but bearable because of the layers of clothing. And shopping wasn't that satisfying since we didn't really have much time to do everything.

I shall be back, L.A. ♥

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