Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hearts all over the world tonight

Spent a lovely day with my friend, S, shopping and going from one mall to the other. I am looking for the perfect bikini for our beach outing next month with the whole clan, but no such luck! I guess I should better keep looking.

This photo was taken outside Topshop (duh.haha) After Zara, Topshop is totally my 2nd favorite store. I was hoping to snag a good buy today but again, no such luck. I guess today just isn't my lucky day :(

Anyhoo, I was supposed to go Kart Racing with S and the guys after dinner but my MOM called me up to let me go home! What a buzz kill!! I hate it when I still have limits as if I were a 15 year old girl. I'm not 15 anymore. =/

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  1. Hi dear! Fellow chictopian here (istariray). I've added you to my blogroll <3