Wednesday, March 17, 2010

my first job interview ♥

Funny that, a year after graduation, this would be my very first job interview ever.

Around February I was told by Sheryl that Citibank Manila had job openings and that I could just send my resume to our friend who worked there. I said that I would send it, but I never did. Probably 2 or 3 weeks passed by, I kept receiving notices of job openings and I kept telling myself that I would send my resume soon. Maybe I was lazy for not doing it right away, or maybe I was just scared. But I finally got around to doing it, and during the 1st week of March I received a call from the HR dept.

Thursday - March 11

My interview was at 5 pm. I had prepared myself for this day. I researched all about Citibank, went to their site and even looked it up on wikipedia! I was really pumped and excited for this day. I arrived 20 mins. earlier and waited outside the room for my name to be called. There were also 5 other people waiting for their names to be called.

Finally, it was my turn. My hands were really cold as I shook the interviewer's hand and followed him into the room. The interview took about 10 minutes, and I was done! I couldn't believe it was that fast! I also got to make some friends too ;)

Friday - March 12

2nd interview, this time at 11 a.m. Still nervous, but I wasn't as nervous as the first time. I had some major blunder moments during the interview, but I think I salvaged my dignity and my chances of being hired. Well, I hope I did! The interviewer seemed impressed and told me they would call me if I were hired. Well, let's hope so! ;)

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  1. Oh! The past week I had got a job interview! haha