Sunday, January 1, 2017

Here's To Looking Forward

When I started writing this blog I was fresh in my 20's, full of hope, innocence and ideals. Where did the time go? Where did the years go? Now my 20's are almost coming to a close and another chapter will begin soon. Have I done right by my young self? Have I made her proud? And will I make my older self feel happy when she looks back at the things I've done and become? :)

What happened in 2016:

1. White Label Bridal had seen some up and and downs, but sadly I've decided to close it. I really hope the market will be more open in the future and the business could have a better opportunity in this city.

2. I decided to focus more on our family business and try to continue the legacy that my parents have built.

3. My college friends and I went on our first local trip together as a barkada to Siargao! We couldn't have picked a better destination.

4. Traveling back to the States was super fun, it had been a while since my last visit and no matter how many times you go back to a certain place you will never stop learning new things about it.

5. Partnered with my friends and joined a bazaar selling korean food. It was a really great experience but so tiring. Although, if ever we do this again, I don't think I would be hands on next time.

6. I was able to join another young professionals camp this year which brought me closer to God and to my church friends as well.

What I'm thankful for in 2016:

1. Thankful for realizations that I needed to find out for myself. It was not an easy road and I still second guess myself, but I'm hoping I made the right choice.

2. Thankful because I know that whatever life throws at me, I will get through it because He is with me :)

What I'm looking forward to in 2017:

1. I'm looking forward to beginning the next chapter of my life in whatever opportunity comes. Business, career, personal, etc.

2. This is the age where people are slowly getting married. I'm attending 6 weddings next year and I'm pretty sure that there will be more. Looking forward to seeing my friends get married and starting their next chapters as well. :)

Every year is uncertain and we never truly know what will come our way, but all I can do is look forward. Stop pondering on past mistakes and happenings and start living in the now :)


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