Sunday, October 13, 2013

All it takes is a little bit

 *are you drooling yet?? 

Had a little "slumber party" over the weekend with a close friend and it just reminded us of our elementary and high school days when we would sleep over at our friend's houses and just talk the night away. 

I finally got to try Surfin' Ribs and maybe I was just really hungry(?) because everything was so good! Plus, it came out pretty cheap per person! 

My style lately has been all about the cropped tops and long skirts! I just love how the ensemble makes a woman look so sexy without revealing too much. Maybe a year ago I wouldn't have been confident enough to pull this look off. But somewhere along the way I decided that I wanted to get fit so I've been doing yoga now. The only way you can achieve the body you desire is by determination. I'm still a long way from the perfect body but I'm definitely a step closer in the right direction. :)

Top - Iconique
Shoes - Zara

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