Saturday, April 27, 2013

It Girl, Interrupted

For one of our final school project, we had to style a look (complete with hair, makeup and clothes) inspired by anyone we look up to be it a character or a real person. Guess who I chose?

If you're am avid fan of the hit series Gossip Girl, then I'm pretty sure the title of my post was already a huge clue! :) My style icon is Serena Van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) because I just loooooove all her fashion choices on the show! Although some of her outfits have been too revealing, she still manages to look classy in anything she wears.

I chose this look because I know Serena always goes for 3 things:
1. Tight dresses
2. Short hemlines
3. Big accessories

So it was just a matter of styling and racking my brain for the perfect outfit!

Dress-Olivia & Fifth (old) | Shoes and Necklace-Forever21 | Blazer-Zara

What do you guys think? Mission accomplished? Do I look anything like Serena? haha :)

Photos by: Hanz Libato
Makeup by: Me
Hair by: Cefane Ramayrat


  1. i have a question about sandals. i want to wash some of my sandals because they're dirty. im not sure if they are be allowed to come in contact with water. some of the materials are delicate. how do you wash your sandals?

    1. if they're suede, i usually use a cleaning brush made for suede shoes. i normally just brush it with soap and water.